Quality Manegment


In-house standards room with necessary facilities  to carry out calibration.  ‘o' Grade Carbide Slip Gauges are used for calibration having traceability to National Standard.

Metrology Lab
Surface finish   Surface roughness test machine(TESA-Germany)  to check journal peg dia , bearing cup ID.
Micro Hardness Vicker hardness tester (Matsuzawa & FIE Make),   to check effective case depth of journal and bearing cup.
Profile  Profile projector (Magami Make), to check form,   angle, radius of tools and components.
Metallurgical Lab :
Crack detection Magnaflux (Electro Magfield Make). Incoming material on sampling basis and
    heat teated components.
Microstructure Microscope with magnification 100X, 200X, 400X,800X, 1600X for incoming forgings,
    casting and tube
Chemical analysis   Full fledged facility for chemical analysis using wet analysis & spectroscope for
    incoming forgings,c astings and tube.