Manufacturing Facilites
Facility Make Operation Features
CNC Turning LMW Form turning of Shaft Capacity: 320 mm dia.
length 310mm
ACE Designers Profile Turning of Cross Capacity : 11 Sr. to 18 Sr. Cross
TMW Finish Turning of Flange Yoke Capacity : Accuracy within 0.010 mm.
VMC LMW Precise Milling, Drilling & Tapping 3 Axis VMC:
Table Size – 900 x 430 mm
Hobbing Cooper & Rigid Hobber Involute & Straight Spline hobbing of Shaft Hobbing length  -  150 mm.
Total length -   270mm.
Cylindrical Grinding MKS Cylindrical Form Grinding of Shafts Capacity :  250 mm dia Plunge
Length : 170 mm
Total length: 900 mm
ID Grinding with CNC control Sharda ID & Face Grinding of Bearing Cup. Capacity  : ID 20 to 40 mm
OD Grinding WMW
Grinding of Shaft
Profile Grinding of Journal Cross
Capacity  : OD 75 mm
3 Axis CNC
Main Hole Drilling Precihole Main hole drilling of Sleeve Yoke Capacity  : 60 bore x 200 deep
Vertical Broaching – 2 nos. HMT ID Broaching of Sleeve Yokes Capacity  : 25 T x 1600 mm  stroke
Facility Make Operation Features
Induction Hardening Inductotherm Induction Hardening of Shafts Medium Frequency, NC Control
Capacity  :  1000 mm, 50 kg
Carburising Furnace Quartet Thermal Carburising & Hardening of Journal Oxygen Probe, Electrically Heated,Two liquid system
Capacity  :  600 dia X 1600 deep
Nylon Coating   -- Nylon Coating of Shafts Fluidized bed
Capacity  :  750 dia X 500 deep
Tempering Furnace Quartet Thermal Tempering of Journal, Bearing Cup & Shafts Temp.      :  600 degree C
Capacity  :  600 dia X 1200 deep
Carburising Furnace (Horizontal Rotary Retort) Westerwork Carburising & Hardening of Bearing Cup Capacity  :  700 ID x 1250 long
Facility Make Operation Features
Co2 Welding ESAB Co2 welding of Propeller Shaft Assy. Circumferential automatic welding of Propeller Shaft Assembly
Dynamic Balancing  -  3 nos. ABRO Dynamic balancing of Propeller Shafts Digital & Analog display with L.C. 2 gm.
RPM  -  5000
Quality level 16 as per ISO 1940
Painting Self Designed Fully Conveyorized Painting facility. Five tank cleaning with two stage drying paint line  – Automatic system
Painting Booth HB Engineering Manual cleaning & painting Cleaning, Water Curtain