Capability to manufacture SAE 1100 to 1700 series Propeller Shafts and torque transmission capacity 200 to 8000 N-m.
30+ years proven experience to cater to the needs of following customers:
Construction Equipment Manufacturers
Export Capabilities
More than 10 years experience to cater to overseas customers for Automotive, Industrial and Agricultural applications - OE as well as aftermarket.
Star Export House status since last 8 years.
Exclusive Facilities for Propeller Shafts testing :
Static Torque Testing Rig up to 25000 N-m capacity
Test Rigs for B10 life test 
Test Rig No. 1 Endurance at over speed &  at maximum rated speed (Torque 10 to 20 N-m, RPM 0 to 5000)
Test Rig No. 2  Endurance at steady state (Torque +  1500 Nm,    RPM 0 to 300)
Fatigue Test  up to + 7000 N-m torque
Salt Spray Test Chamber
Mud testing facility